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Yosegaki Hinomaru

returning yosegaki hinomaru


During WW II, Japanese soldiers would carry a Japanese flag (yosegaki hinomaru) with them that had been signed by friends and family. It was something sacred to them, and they went to great lengths to protect it. When Americans would kill or capture Japanese soldiers, they would take the flags with them as battlefield souvenirs. In many cases, these flags are the only living memory friends and families had of the soldiers before they went to war, because there's still a large number of Japanese soldiers missing. I knew none of this until I set out to return a flag my great uncle had taken off the body of a Japanese soldier he had supposedly killed. Returning Yosegaki Hinomaru was the blog I started to document that journey in order to help others return flags in their possession and to put some good vibes back out there in the world.