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When I joined Zume, it was just a company using robots to make pizza, but our purpose evolved past pizza. Today, we’re using data to connect the disparate parts of the food system. A smarter, better-connected food system reduces food, water, and energy waste. In return, this saves food companies money, unlocks new markets, and actually helps heal the planet. Because as it stands now, one-third of the world’s food goes to waste, making it one of the largest contributors to global warming and costing the food industry $990 billion each year. 🤯

However, there was one problem: The outside world was confused by what we did. Pizza? Robots? Robo-pizza? Something else? We were all over the place. So we crafted our story to tell in a more customer-friendly way and relaunched our brand — creating everything in-house in less than six weeks. I led the team doing it.

Brand Video



The theory of Zume is simple. But actually explaining it is somewhat complicated. So we had to figure out how to communicate this complexity as richly as possible without boring people to tears. (side note: all photography and illustrations were done in-house)

Since no one wants to go to a website to look at another website, I’ve only included the landing page. For the full website experience, go to


Brand Book

The Zume story was so massive and complicated that if you asked eight different employees what the hell we’re actually doing, you’d probably get 14 different answers. So we created a brand book to get everyone on the same page and inspire them.



On the day of the brand launch, we flew everyone in from every office for a celebration (and to get us all on the same page). H.R. McMaster even showed up. No joke. Anyway, we wrote a letter to give to inspire 400+ employees about why they work at Zume.